EAST3If your organisation has a stake in the ATM industry, EAST can offer information and key statistics that can help decision-makers to assess risks to the ATM channel (and to other terminals).

EAST produces two European ATM Crime reports each year and three Fraud Updates.  Our members also receive EAST ATM Fraud Alerts (sent to nominated email addresses).

Industry experts from Associate Members can be invited to participate in our Expert Groups.

EAST Associate Members come from the following types of organisation:

  • Banks and ATM Deployers
  • Payment Service Providers, Transaction Processors, Card Brands
  • ATM & security equipment manufacturers and vendors
  • Other stakeholders

If you would like more information on how your organisation can join EAST as an Associate Member, as well as features and benefits of Associate Membership for stakeholders in the ATM industry, visit the Associate Member page on this website.